IBRFIRE Core Features

IBRFIRE Web Application is for anyone who wants to keep a track of their Fire Equipment and Manage the prescribed activities that apply to the equipment in terms of legislation and best practices. It is also available to our competitors and other contractors operating in areas of South Africa where we have no representation.

  • Fully Manageable

    Stores all your Site and Equipment details making them easily manageable.

  • Dynamic Job Cards

    Once the due dates are determined, Job Cards can be Created, Issued and Completed to a qualified personnel.

  • Predictability

    Our system stores and manages previous dates and predicts accurately when the next job is due.

  • Upload Files

    You can upload documents and images related to your site and equipment.

IBRFIRE Objectives

This website has been developed using best practices to deliver data using the minimum of network resources quickly and efficiently. You are important to us and the only acceptable approach to prove this is by investing in technology that gives the you the Service and Information when required.

Embrace Technology

We supply hardware that transmits logs from Fire Detection and Annunciator Panels seamlessly to be stored and viewed with Equipment Maintenance and Inspection History. Our custom made Android Application facilitates Monthly or Weekly or Maintenance Job Cards to be done offline incase Internet Connectivity is an issue.

Minimize Our Environment Impact

IBRFIRE has managed to "Go Green" with this website application. You have been given the freedom to join us in a paperless environment by inviting Auditors, Insurers, Landlords and others to create their own account and view the records you wish to share with them.

Include Industry Specialists

Incase your equipment has come to harm because of unforseen or harmful installation practises, you can now show the Historical Events for your equipment to the appointed Fire Engineers, Consultants and other specialists through the IBRFIRE application. Architects, Shop Fitters, Plant Engineers and others need to understand fire protection installed or omitted from environments where new risks are introduced or existing are altered.

Absolute Transparency

Our Quotes and Reports are detailed leaving the reader with a clear understanding of the issues at hand avoiding any hidden or undeclared costs. You can establish credit facilities online, view invoices both paid and outstanding to help manage your account with us and budget for the next financial period.

Prove Compliance to National Standards

You can view maintenance history to establish over time identified defects, instances of abuse or interference, deviation from National Standards and more as a result of carefully structured checklists. Our Equipment Checklists are constantly reviewed to remain current with changes in legislation and expectations from Local Authorities.

Demonstrate that we are a responsible supplier

In instances of emergency, shorten response delays by providing our personnel that are to attend the incident with the information that is needed to act efficiently. We contain our operational costs with good information to allow us keep pricing to the lowest practical level.


Happy Customers



Here are some common FAQs about our Website and Application.

Who may use this website?

This website may be used by anyone wanting to track their fire equipment and manage the prescribed activities that apply to the equipment in terms of legislation and best practices. It is also available to our competitors and other contractors operating in areas of South Africa where we have no representation.

What are the costs?

It's free to everyone whether they're the customer, insurer, landlord, local authority, 3rd party inspectorates and any other roll in your company.

Why must I change the way we've always kept records?

It's not necessary to change as we have provided our customers the means to print maintenance registers and insurance reports. In a world where we're under pressure to reduce our carbon footprint we've elected to lead the fire industry with a means to achieve this. Our commitment is such that we've provided for our competitors to join us on this platform for free.

I don't have Internet access?

We aren't able to assist beyond transmitting the least amount of data across the Internet. For this reason there are no images on the screens. Records are only sent to your device when requested, we don't load all. We have found that Network Administrators have firewalls to minimise risk of viruses and hacking and a request for https://ibrfire.com to be excluded from the firewall is often all that is needed. We have a certificate on the website to show that we conform to international standards.

I need to have printed records?

On the Site Detail screen there are icons set aside for you to print the PDF file that's generated. Please be patient while the server builds the file as it must gather the data before it can be displayed

How do I know what to do once I've logged in?

Every screen has a small round blue icon with an "i" in the centre. Click on the icon and a screen will appear to assist you with the screen you are viewing.

Must I create an account with IBR Fire before they send me a quote or do work for me?

No. If you don't have an account with us we'll create it on your behalf. If we have created your account then we'll have to connect you to your data so please ask our Sales Consultant appointed to your account. If you created the account you will need to set IBR Fire as your contractor in the equipment detail screen and then select the name of our employee that's been appointed to handle your account before they can see your data. It's important that you accept that the data is yours and only you have authority to decide who can access your data.

How do I give access to others within my company to the records?

You can create employee accounts and they can insert their own password without anyone being aware of the word.

If I change the Managing Agent responsible for my building must the new company create an account?

There are two options available. Either they can create their own account and the previous managing agent can transfer the site with or without the equipment's history. There is a procedure that is explained on the Site Detail screen. The alternative is for the site to be transferred to you and you grant them view only access.

How do I open a 30 Day account?

When you login go to the Customer screen and complete the credit application form following the instructions. In most cases the facility will be available within a few hours as we're insured with Credit Guarantee and we can achieve clearance on their website. If your company isn't known to them then clearance is usually available within 3 days of our request.

How do I get a copy of a lost invoice?

There are two options. Either download a scanned copy from the Invoice screen or phone our accounts department. Outstanding and overdue invoices are easily identifiable and notifications will appear on the message panel on the right of the screen to display delinquent invoices. We go to great lengths to avoid stopping supply which includes sending statements electronically via email. Regrettably we're not always in possession of the correct details. Our accounting system isn't integrated into the website at this time.

Who do I contact if I'm not happy with the service given by IBR Fire?

We'd ask that the Sales Consultant be given first opportunity to implement remedial action. In the rare instances where you remain dissatisfied, contact Barbara Mahoney at (011) 740 2424 or write to barbara@ibrfire.co.za If the matter is extremely serious or needs immediate attention then contact Ivan Radmore on 083 227 2259

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